Digital Marketing for Political Campaign

Digital Marketing has Completely turned the Advertising practice making it more effective and set an engine to speed up its move to reach out to a targeted audience. However, Digital Marketing for Political Campaign is not a brand new concept. In the recent India election, Digital Campaign was used promptly and many Considered it as the key to Narendra Modi success. Try out Digital Marketing for Upcoming Political Campaigning and stay above the competition.

Dive into digital marketing to derive the best!!!

मराठी मध्ये माहिती साठी

Services for Political Campaign

Voting Management Software

1.Refer all voters data
2.Edit voter details
3.Search by Name, Area, Society, List, Gender, Group
4.Central data
5.Create groups, symbol
6.Problems by voter
7.Unlimited App download
8.Bulk update
9.Team Mgmt
10.Modules Control
11.Blank data
12.Total, New Voter
13.Main, Leaders

Social Media

1.All important Social Accounts Creation
2.Facebook, Google+, Blog, Instagram, Twitter
3.Add basic info, data
4.Add images, videos
5.Map with location
6.Increase likes, friend
7.Photos, Videos, Text
8.Regular update with Text, Post, Images, Videos
9.Area specific search
10.Local Advertising only
11.Social ads on Google
12.Redirect to App/ web
13.Reach max people

Smart Website

1.Unlimited pages
2.Image slider for quick understanding of your agenda
3.Proflie Website
4.Content development
5.Professional email
6.Social network
7.Gallery, Videos, blog
8.Regular updating
9.All in one location
10.Dynamic content edit anytime anywhere

Digital Marketing

1.Social Media political campaign strategy i.e. Running a campaign at a Social Media e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
2.Launching your own website and conveying to the world around, the contribution that you have been making for the entire society (Note: We also provide SEO services on demand.)
3.Campaigning with slogans and logos
4.Video marketing, etc

WhatsApp Bulk Software

1.Send 1000's Of Messages
2.Custom Messages
3.Import Multiple Contacts
4.Supports All Multimedia Formats
5.Windows Support
6.Grab Contacts from Whatsapp Groups

Bulk SMS

1.First Delivery
2.Quik Report
3.Easy to manage
4.Execel Report
5.Brand Presence
6.27*7 Support

Premium Benefits

104 million Indian population is age 60 or more. And among these a 30 to 40 percent is not into social channels and still find TV news and newspaper as a source for political information. So, combine digital strategy with the traditional practice for the desired result. In case you are finding social account management as tough and time consuming then hire a Digital Marketing Agency that works better for you with experience hands and logical plans.

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