Wardha's History

The present Wardha district was a part of Nagpur district till 1862. Wardha district was later separated for administrative convenience and the district headquarters was kept at Kavtha near Pulgaon. In the year 1866, the district headquarters was shifted to Palakwadi (Wardha).

History   Berar Very little is known about the history of Wardha district. But the mention of the river Wardha dates back to BC. Found in the 2nd century. The river Wardha is mentioned in connection with Berar, the king of Vidarbha. Vidarbha (Berar) region was divided by the river Wardha and was divided between Berar and his brother Madhavansena.

Chalukya and Radhatrakuta kings In Wardha and the rest of Berar province, the Chalukya Rajput dynasty ruled. Ruled from 550 to 750. Its capital was at modern Bijapur and later it was shifted to Nashik.

Copper plates belonging to this dynasty were found at Multai in Betul district and Deoli in Wardha district. Letters found at Deoli e. It is dated 940 and it mentions that the village of Talpurumshak in Nagpur-Nandivardham district was donated to Kanarese Brahmin.

Bahmani Empire Wardha was then annexed to the king’s province of Gulberg near Solapu and Bidar. This king had rebelled against Muhammad Tughlaq and he was a Brahmin or a Brahmin servant. Sir A. Lial says, “The Bahmani kingdom of Berar stretched from Satpuda to Godavari in the south and from Khandesh and Daulatabad to Godavari in the east.

Imad Shahi dynasty इ.स. There is an early mention of the invasion of Berar by the king of Gujarat in 1437 in which the king of Gondwana (across Wardha) helped and he was from Chanda. इ.स. Shortly after the fall of the Bahmani Empire in 1518, Berar was ruled by Imad Shahi Rajput from Illichpur.

Mughal Empire After ninety years of independent existence, the Ahmednagar dynasty destroyed the Illichpur Empire in 1572, and in 1594 Berar was annexed by Emperor Akbar from Ahmednagar.

Maratha invasion In 1822, Wardha was incorporated into Nagpur by Bhosle and the forts of Gawligad and Narnala and some lands were handed over to the Nizam.

District formation Wardha was a part of Nagpur till 1862 during the British rule. Wardha was separated for administrative reasons. The district headquarters was established at Kavtha near Pulgaon but later in 1866 Wardha was established near Palakwadi. The district was named Wardha after the river Wardha.

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